Barron Report Investment Goals

Barron Report has two main goals:
  To achieve-above average growth by investing in a small portfolio of high value stocks.  Barron Report accomplishes this by selecting a portfolio of high value stocks and updating the portfolio on a weekly  basis.  Viewers can follow buy, hold and sell positions on a weekly  basis.  
To put investors in personal control of a portion of their investments. 
Barron Report believes many investors want to become more involved in their investments.  However, most do not have the time, information or desire to become full-time traders. Barron Report is designed to show how a small portfolio of high yield stocks could put the investor in control of their investments.

Portfolio Size

    A common question for many investors is "how much money do I need to invest".  Barron Report suggests that you consider investing an equal dollar amount in each of the stocks in the portfolio. You decide how many dollars to invest in the total  portfolio.  The more you have to invest, the more shares you can buy of each selected stock.
    Of course commission costs need be considered.  If you are purchasing too few shares of any one stock, commission expenses can exceed your returns.

Who should use Barron Report?

    Our answer of course is everyone.  Or at least everyone should have a portion of their investments in a portfolio similar to Barron Report.  .  Looking at your portfolio on a weekly basis puts you in active control of your investment, but takes only minutes per week.

Implementing Trade

   Portfolio updates are usually posted each weekend.  Barron Report position postings  include the following information:

  • Weekly portfolio changes

  • Current week portfolio

  • Previous week  portfolio results

Controlling Commissions

    Broker commission expenses are a fact of trading that can substantially affect your return on investment.  The more times you trade, the more important it is to control commissions..   If you own 100 shares of a stock for a week and it increases in value $1.00, but your commission expenses to buy and sell that stock is $100.00, you've not gained much.
    Fortunately, with the growing popularity of on-line trading there are a number of brokers available that offer trades at commission costs of $10.00 or less per trade.
Barron Report is not a broker, is not affiliated with any brokers, and does not recommend or endorse any specific brokers. For information on on-line brokers       
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