Q:  This look's like a small mutual fund.  Why not just invest in a mutual fund?
A:  Many people should invest in mutual funds.   Barron Report is designed for those who want to take a more active part in some of their investments, but don't have the time or desire to be  full- time traders.   Barron Report's recommended portfolio is updated on a weekly  basis.  Some mutual fund's hold ten's of thousand's of shares in hundreds of companies.   It is more difficult for these funds to change their holdings as the market changes.  Barron Report's portfolio of 5 stocks offers much more flexibility than many mutual funds.

Q:  How often does the portfolio change?
A:  While the portfolio recommendations are updated on a weekly basis, the number of changes are usually only one or two stocks per week.  In fact, many weeks the portfolio recommendations will not change at all.

Q:  Do I need to update my portfolio weekly?
A:  You should expect to achieve higher results if you update your portfolio on a weekly basis.

Q:  How much do I need to invest?
A: That's entirely up to you.  Barron Report recommends that you invest an equal amount of your funds in each of the recommended stocks.  This means that the number of shares you buy in each stock will vary.  You should have enough funds to buy enough shares of each recommended stock to make commission costs per trade reasonable.

Q:  Do you suggest buying all the stocks in the recommended portfolio?
A:  Yes.  No one can recommend stocks that all go up all the time. All five of the recommended stocks will not always be increasing in value. While there is no guarantee, you should expect the best overall results if you buy all the recommended stocks in the portfolio.

Q:  Why doesn't the weekly % change add up to the individual stock's changes in the weekly results?
A:  The weekly % change is a weighted percentage.  Because Barron Report recommends buying a equal dollar amount of each recommend stock, your portfolio will have a different number of shares in each stock.  The weekly % change reflects this.

Q:  What do I do if I'm not available to update the trades in my portfolio every week?
A.  This is not usually a problem.  Barron Report's recommended portfolio is designed to grow over a period of time.  A day or two usually does not affect the portfolio a great deal. 

Q:  Do your archive results reflect commissions?
A:  No.  It would be impossible for Barron Report to know the effect of commissions on your results.  Commissions can vary from less than $10 to over $100 per trade.  Controlling your commission costs becomes more important the more often you trade.

Q:  Do you recommend any specific brokers?
A;  No!  Barron Report is not a broker.  We are not affiliated with any brokers and do not recommend or endorse any specific brokers.

Q:  What should I do to learn about the companies whose stock is being recommended by Barron Report?
A:  You should obtain a prospectus from the company.  Your broker should have information on how and where to obtain a company prospectus.

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