Judicial Recovery Services Division


Who is Barron Companies, Inc.?

            Barron Companies, Inc. began as a publisher of an investment information services with over 25 years experience investing in real estate, securities, bonds and commodities.
            The Judicial Recover Services Division was established after discovering the difficulty of collecting our own real estate judgments.  

What does the Judicial Recovery Services Division do?

            The Judicial Recovery Services Division specializes in collecting difficult unsatisfied judgments.
            A judgment is different from a unpaid bill, in that a judge and/or jury has said that the debtor owes you money and that you have a legal right to collect your debt. However, in most cases the court will give you very little help in collecting your money.

Are  we a collection agency?

            No.  A collection agency is considered a third party, and as such has many rules, regulations and restrictions that do not always apply to the judgment debt holder.
            Barron Companies, Inc. uses contractual agreements that make it possible for us to act as the debt holder.

Why are we so successful?

            Barron Companies, Inc. uses the latest and most sophisticated legal methods available to track down and find your debtor and their assets.  We have over 78 different screening searches that we use to accomplish this.  We then file all legal leans, levies, and garnishments necessary to recover the unpaid debt.

Do we accept all uncollected judgments?

            No. When we review your judgment, we will analyze the likelihood of successfully collecting the debt.  Generally any judgment of less than $800 is impractical.  Don't forget however, that in most cases you can add accrued interest to the original judgment.  This means that a uncollected judgment that is a few years old may now be worth considering.  A four year old $600 judgment may now be over $800 with accrued interest.


Are you obligated if you contact us?

            Absolutely not!  All inquiries and information will be kept strictly confidential and will not obligate you in an way.


Does your judgment have a deadline or expire?

            Yes!  Most judgments expire if uncollected after a number of years.  This can vary from state to state.  Remember, every day that goes by, your judgment is becoming harder  to collect and  often times becomes worth less.


What does it cost to have Barron Companies, Inc. collect your judgment?

            Absolutely nothing if we are unsuccessful.  If we accept your judgment, we pay all costs in locating the debtor and collecting the judgment.  When we are successful we share a predetermined percentage of the collected debt.  This percentage can vary with the size and age of the judgment debt.


What if your debtor has moved from the area?

          If they can be found, we will find them.  Our screen and search reports are nationwide.


What should you do if  you are interested in our services?

          Contact us by phone, mail or e-mail.  Please be ready to give us as much information about your judgment as possible. Remember, you will not be obligated in any way and all information will be kept confidential.

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